Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Five Essential Packing Materials for Moving

As many of you already know, moving can be a hectic event. Packing your entire life and moving to anew location is a life changing experience. If you are moving across town or across the world, there are some important packing items that you will need to have before your move. These items can help the moving process go much smoother and take the stress away. Below you will find five must have packing items that will help you with your next big move.

Five Must Have Moving Items

1.  Durable boxes: The first thing you will need before your move are boxes, but not just any boxes will do. Make sure the boxes you choose are designed for moving and are thick enough to handle the stress of moving. Also, make sure that you pick a wide range of sizes to handle all of your moving needs.

2. Marker pens: Another item that will come in handy during your move are marker pens. These permanent pens will allow you to label each box with what is inside as well as where the box should be placed. This will help movers place the boxes in the right rooms making unpacking much easier. Markers can also be used to label fragile items such as dishes, keepsakes and other items that are breakable. This will help you protect these easily damage items and allow them to be delivered safely.

3. Bubble wrap: A great way to further protect your breakables is to make sure that you purchase some bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is very durable and will give you enough cushion to protect fragile items while they are in transit. Picture frames, mirrors, cups, and other easily damaged items should be properly wrapped and taped to protect them during the move. Even if these items shift during travel they should be safe and in one piece when they arrive. Bubble wrap can be purchased by the roll and is an affordable way to protect your belongings.

4. Packing peanuts: Just like bubble wrap, packing peanuts can be used to protect your items. Packing peanuts when added to a box will give plenty of cushions and protect whatever is inside. This packing material is safe for the environment and can even be reused for other applications after your move. Packing peanuts can be purchased in large quantities which will save you money.

5. Strong packing tape: In order to secure your boxes, you will need to purchase several rolls of strong packing tape. Use the tape to reinforce the boxes on the bottom as well as the top. This will help seal your items inside and prevent them from coming out during the move. Make sure that when you are shopping for a tape to ask for packing tape which is often much stronger than other types. You may also want to pick up a tape dispenser to make the job of sealing boxes much easier.

Now that you know what items you will need, make sure you purchase them before you move. This will help make moving day go much easier and all of your items will be safe while on the road to your new location. Remember that being prepared for your move will take much of the stress away. Also, getting some help from friends and family can really take a load off. 


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